1. I’ve never slept the same since baby arrived…
I used to be able to sleep through the night…Now I get easily awaken by every sound. I’m always on baby alert and yes, phantom cries are real.
2. I’ve gained many new habits.
During my pregnancy I’d sleep with a wall of pillows, and guess what? Now I like sleeping with more pillows! Snacking during pregnancy? I still like to snack on different things throughout the day (just not the same portions of course).
3. My style has evolved.
I never understood the whole comfort wear (leggings-sweats-yoga) attire 24-7. Now being a busy mom, all I want to wear is soft, comfy clothes. I basically purged and donate anything I no longer felt comfortable in. My style became a lot more simple and casual compared to what it was.
4. I’ve learned not to care about people’s opinions.
Towards the end of my pregnancy it was like a switch turned on where I didn’t care as much about other people. No one mattered as much as this baby! They truly become your world. It’s something we don’t understand until this little miracle arrives.
5. I became less of a scaredy cat.
I transformed into being super chill and laid back since my pregnancy. Stuff that would normally stress or scare me, instead I was like ‘okay, sure no problem, no big deal’. I toughened up a bit from it ever since.
6. When I watch tv shows or movies with kids in it now…
I’ve become more emotional than usual. I get teary eyed whenever I see babies or kids in tough situations. It never bothered me before and now it strikes a cord.
7. I’m not just about myself anymore.
I will put off washing, eating, changing my clothes- anything, until my baby is happy & dealt with first. This little person will be your everything and you’ll want to do anything for them. But I also learnt to really appreciate the small moments I get to myself when they’re asleep. Do a facial mask, paint your nails, have a bubble bath at the end of a long day, watch a movie with your favourite treat, read a book. I started to do puzzles and colouring. We all have to find a way to de-stress and relax, otherwise you’ll breakdown.
8. Exercise? Diet? House cleaning?
Before baby arrived I was like ‘that seems simple enough. I can do that, I’ll have all this time!’. The amount of time I’d spend running around the house endlessly is tiring. The house being dirty and having laundry, they’re not going anywhere. I learnt this the hard way. If you’re tired, don’t fight it. Take nap, it’s totally okay. Don’t ever feel bad about it. You will have challenging days and it’s okay to have a cookie as a reward too. It keeps us parents sane! You’ll be just fine. We have this mentality that as soon as the baby is out, we have to immediately get back to our pre-baby weight. Doing all these exercises and food diets. Let’s be realistic, there’s no rush and we’re not celebrities back to swimsuit figures within a week!
9. Healing takes forever.
We’ve all seen movies where the mom’s go home right away after having their baby & they’re energetic and super mobile…Ya right. It’s the most draining and painful experience for a lot of moms. Everyone tells you about their experiences as if yours will be just like their own, but everyone’s is unique. I had a c-section. And I know some moms swear by it “it’s THE best thing” and they’d do nothing but c-sections. But for me personally, it was the longest and most painful healing experience. It took at least 14 months for me to not feel the incision pinching anymore. Yes, I got to skip labour, but for c-sections you’re at the hospital a few days more than any natural delivery. I wasn’t able to move on my own. My husband had to help me out of bed or step into the bathtub. You don’t realize how much you use that muscle where the incision is until you have to move & use it. It hurt to laugh, cough, turn over and bend down to pick something up. It’s all stuff I took for granted. When we got home I’m not gonna lie, the first 2 weeks were rough. I needed care, the baby needed care, but thankfully my husband took time off to help me out.
10. My views changed on how I see things.
Things that were a big deal to me, now seem very piddly. It’s almost like we become wiser once we turn into parents. All these natural instincts for things we had no idea we knew just came to us.
11. Everything surrounds baby- even when I have a break.
When I finally get to have a nap, get to go out shopping by myself or go out for dinner without kids. As much as I look forward to getting away once in awhile, I also can’t wait to get back home to see my baby again. They’re all we want to talk about! I will see something shopping & it will reminds me of him. We pretty much miss them all the time. But DO take that walk, DO go for that coffee, don’t ever feel guilty- make time for you too!
12. I lost a lot of hair after…
Holy cow. This is no joke! Taking all those vitamins during pregnancy we get thick, luscious locks. But then after quitting, I lost so much hair! I’d brush my hair every morning & so much would fall out. I thought okay, just a few days of this. Nope…it was more like a few months. I’d wash my hair, and even more would fall out. I was so concerned, but my hairdresser said it’s completely normally & that I would eventually slow back down. It did, but still…no one told me this would happen?!
What are some of your experiences you wish you knew about before becoming a mom?
Share some of your stories & advice below!

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