What are you meant to do with your life?

You probably ask yourself this question…
over and over again.


You’re going to question yourself if what you’re doing right now is what you’re actually meant to do. I’ve been there. I’ve pondered about it. I’ve daydreamed over it. And I’ve faced roadblocks where I was completely stumped. But then I realized it wasn’t going to fall into my lap. It wasn’t going to get handed to me. I had to work hard and I learned to never quit. I had to keep pushing myself even when others would doubt me. I focused on the everyday things that made ME happy.

Eventually, a lightbulb went off. I sat down with a pad of paper in a quiet space & asked myself:

What do you love? What makes you happy?

So across the top of the page, I wrote categories of the things that I enjoy. Under that I got even more specific as to what it was about those things I liked & how or what I needed to get there!

I swear this works! It’ll give you such a clear frame of mind after & you’ll realize you’ve been subconsciously thinking about it this entire time!

1. Make a list of all your interests for the titles
For example if you like fashion, what part about it do you love? Research the different job positions in that industry. You may even notice related interests that can be intertwined. If you also wrote down ‘writing’- maybe you’re a fashion blogger. Or ‘makeup’- maybe you’d like to do makeup for fashion campaigns or fashion shows. This list is really going to help you narrow things down & gives you a clear prospective on what you’re seeking out without even realizing it.

2. Look at this list, which ones stand out most to you?

3. Below each title write what you need to get there
(take a course, school, read a book, computer program, supplies-tools etc.)

4. Use this check list as your guide. By visually seeing your goals, you’re more likely to accomplish them! You’ll feel motivated to do what you need to do to get there!

Your Rules
– Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do it.
– Never let someone choose or decide what you’re meant to do for a career.
– If you don’t know what you want right away, that’s okay! Wait until you know. Try new things to discover it.
– It’s better to start now than not at all. Otherwise you will have that annoying ‘what if’ at the back of your mind & even regret.
– Never go after a career for the money.
– Your happiness comes first & money will follow.
– If you’re happy with your job & doing what you love, it won’t feel like work.
– Make no excuses. If you find you’re saying ‘no I can’t because…’ then that’s exactly what will happen, you won’t get there. It all begins with your attitude! There’s always a way. Save for it. Do it in bits & pieces. If you need an education, do 1 class at a time. For expensive tools like a camera, buy one used, rent or even borrow. Build a portfolio, do some free work first to help it grow. Work your daytime job & do your dream job part time until you can do it full-time!
– If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you! New opportunities will naturally gravitate towards you, because your confidence will shine through.
– Don’t be scared to ask for help! Your family. Your friends. They may have connections. They will rave about you to everyone they know & they might even have an idea you didn’t think of yet.

In short:
Always go after your goals, stick to your intuition & your dreams will eventually become a reality! Just be patient!

What’s your story? I want to know!
Have you ever felt stumped? And how did you discover your career?


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